Blue Telescope designs digital experiences for healthcare communication that illustrate complex scientific content, increase perceptions of product safety and efficacy, and position our clients as industry leaders and innovators.

We deploy emerging technologies to attract and engage HCPs with state-of-the-art educational presentations.

We develop robust interactive detailing tools that help sales staff dynamically communicate key product benefits and data.

We create games and simulations that provide insight into disease states, treatments, and emerging therapies.

We leverage our experience with museums and science centers to inspire learning through exploration, creativity, and play.

Case Studies

Immuno-Oncology Exhibition

Hands-on exhibits communicate the complex science of immuno-oncology through interactive animations and a dazzling media display. Read More

DAISEY Injection Simulator

A custom-crafted interface invites physicians to practice injection treatments using a physical model and 3D digital guidance. Read More

Merck Fertility Challenge

A multi-user convention activity highlights key product information through a colorful game-show experience. Read More