Blue Telescope, the interactive exhibit agency, has become an official Microsoft Surface partner and is now creating unique, state of the art experiences for exclusive use with the revolutionary device. The Microsoft Surface is a coffee-table sized computing platform which utilizes multi-touch, multi-user technology to allow small groups to discover and interact directly with branding and product information. Using object recognition as well as their own hands, users can interact easily and intuitively with content inspiring cutting-edge, engaging experiences with the Microsoft Surface. Built-in speakers allow music and sound effects to be included in all programming designed for the radically original 360-degree user interface.

As an official Microsoft Surface Partner, Blue Telescope develops Microsoft Surface applications in-house, applying its knowledge of usability, interaction, and exhibit marketing needs to create dynamic, state-of-the-art booth experiences. The high-tech, yet simple to use system makes for memorable, traffic-building activity as evidenced by the tremendous response Blue Telescope received at EXHIBITOR2009. Blue Telescope debuted a series of custom programs for the Microsoft Surface including a product catalog with two interactive modes of viewing photos and video, a magnifying image explorer, and a multiplayer matching game to test knowledge and memory.