Blue Telescope, the interactive exhibit agency, has been recognized by the International Academy of the Visual Arts and awarded with 11 Communicator Awards. The Silver “Award of Distinction” honors represent a variety of 2007-2008 projects in various categories. Blue Telescope was recognized out of a pool of over 7,000 entries in this year’s competition which celebrates the creative excellence of communications professionals.

In the category of “Interactive Multimedia: Education” the Interactive Timeline Explorer and Interactive Deck Explorer were recognized. Both were developed for New York’s Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum as permanent hands-on exhibits to illustrate the special place in history held by the 60 year old converted air craft carrier.

The Anti-Infective Interactive Timeline, which is featured on Pfizer’s corporate website, allows users to explore the history of anti-infective treatments and Pfizer’s role within the field. It was awarded within the category of “Websites: Pharmaceuticals”.

In the “Interactive Multimedia: Sales” category a variety of interactive challenges and digital resource centers were recognized. The Merck Zolinza MOA Challenge for ASH 2008, the Abbott Xience V Challenge for TCT 2008, the Pfizer Neuroscience Race created for APA 2008, Wells Fargo FastTrack Racing Game for NAR 2008, the Cephalon Breakthrough Challenge created for APS 2008, Pfizer Ophthalmics Path of Vision Challenge for AAO 2008, and the Merck Global Connect Station (which was used at several 2008 shows) were all honored with the “Award of Distinction”.

Blue Telescope’s own TimeWarp campaign won an “Interactive Multimedia: Self-Promotion” award. The multi-tiered campaign was created to highlight the product debut of LightYear at the EXHIBITOR2008 trade show.

Founded by communication professionals over a decade ago, the Communicator Awards is an annual competition honoring the best in advertising, corporate communications, public relations and identity work for print, video, interactive and audio.

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