Blue Telescope, the interactive exhibit agency, has been honored with a Bronze Event Design Award in the category of “Best Use of Media” for the design of the Interactive Timeline Explorer, a permanent exhibit created for New York’s Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. The Event Design Awards is sponsored by Event Design Magazine which selected 33 winners from hundreds of entries in 11 categories.

The Interactive Timeline Explorer is an interactive tabletop display that features an animated timeline of significant events in the history of the converted aircraft carrier and US naval history. Users explore any of seventy events ranging from the creation of the earliest aircraft carriers to the Intrepid’s recent restoration and watch those iconic milestones come to life through photos, videos, and oversize animations. Guests may read about the naval battles of World War II and send a kamikaze aircraft careening from one touch screen to another, watch a video detailing the Intrepid’s role during the space race against the Soviet Union and send an animation of the Gemini 3 space capsule hurtling across the exhibit, and much more.

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