Blue Telescope, the interactive exhibit agency, has been honored with a Bronze Event Design Award in the category of “Best Interactive Element” for the design of the Pfizer Fibromyalgia Tender Point Exam and Pressure Simulator, an interactive activity presented at medical conventions to educate physicians about the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The Event Design Awards is sponsored by Event Design Magazine which selected winners from hundreds of entries in 14 categories.

The Pfizer Fibromyalgia Tender Point Exam and Pressure Simulator uses pressure-sensitive input devices in conjunction with the Microsoft Surface, a multi-user, multi-touch tabletop display, to create an engaging, state of the art social learning experience.

After swiping their show badges, physicians are asked to exert 4 kg of pressure, using their thumb in the way they would test a patient, on a pressure sensor. This action simulates the actual force required for probing specific pain points in the process of diagnosing fibromyalgia. When users achieve 4 kg of force, a 3D anatomical animation on the Microsoft Surface briefly lights up to reveal pressure point locations from head to toe. During the examination phase, visitors must then locate and touch these points on both the front and back of the 3D model. By leveraging the pressure sensor and the multi-touch tabletop, the program provides a memorable, hands-on experience that simulates the fibromyalgia diagnosis.

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