Blue Telescope, the interactive exhibit agency, was honored with the Best of Show Award in the category of Large Booths at EXHIBITOR2011 in March. With over 50 eligible booths to choose from, an independent panel of exhibit and corporate event managers bestowed Best of Show accolades on Blue Telescope for the striking array of vibrant interactive programming on display communicating the overall booth theme of “Harmony.”

Within the booth, a 24-foot wide staggered video wall alternated between three unique interactive activities:

  • Virtual DJ allowed visitors to use depth-sensing technology to operate a hands-free DJ mixing board.
  • Shadow Composer encouraged attendees to use their shadows to catch virtual music notes to create an original song.
  • A Music Trivia Game challenged the knowledge of booth visitors in a brief quiz linking the video wall to custom iPad apps.

The video wall also incorporated a high energy attract loop featuring video, animation, and uptempo music to demonstrate Blue Telescope’s motion graphics capabilities. iPads and a next-generation multi-touch table allowed guests to explore Blue Telescope’s portfolio in detail.