Blue Telescope, the interactive exhibit agency, has been awarded with 7 Communicator Awards, including two Awards of Excellence, by the International Academy of the Visual Arts. The Blue Telescope projects were recognized from over 6,000 entries in this year’s competition which celebrates the creative excellence of communications professionals.

Visitors to Brooklyn, NY’s new Barclays Center arena experience the permanent installation Keeping Brooklyn Healthy Exhibit which won an Award of Excellence. Utilizing hands-free gestural recognition technology, two attendees at a time virtually jump rope, shoot on a basketball hoop, or fly through a 3D model of Brooklyn. The exhibit promotes Brooklyn Hospital while promoting healthy behaviors through physical activities.

Also honored with an Award of Excellence was See What Unfolds, Blue Telescope’s own origami-themed multimedia installation designed to demonstrate the company’s interactive design capabilities at EXHIBITOR2012. Five large LCD screens worked in tandem with a Pixelsense multi-touch display, a custom iPhone app, and Kinect technology to create customizable, personalized interactive activities.

Recognized with an Award of Distinction within the category ‘Interactive Multimedia: Education’, the Human Tree permanent interactive exhibit was developed for the Museum of Mathematics in New York City. Guests interact with a wall-sized projection that reflects their images back in repeating patterns, letting them wave their arms to create fractal trees and other geometric shapes.

Blue Telescope received an Award of Distinction for the interactive game Breaking Glasses at AAO 2012. Inspired by ‘Angry Birds,’ the game entertained Alcon’s guests with increasingly difficult levels of play between product promotional videos.

The recipient of another Award of Distinction was the Leading the Way Challenge, created for Merck at ESHRE 2012. The multi-player, hosted game-show style quiz alternated information about Merck Fertility’s womens’ health care product line with facts and photos about Istanbul, the convention’s host city.

Also recognized with an Award of Distinction was the Interactive Polling Station. Created for Shionogi to gauge physician opinions about the women’s health market in anticipation of an upcoming product launch, the program networks two iPads and a 16-foot wide curved video wall which both poses the polling questions and hosts an oversize attract loop animation.

Blue Telescope created Fibro Feud, a multi-user educational head-to-head challenge in order to promote Pfizer’s Lyrica pain relief product. Also awarded with an Award of Distinction, the challenge utilized gestural-recognition technology to immerse attendees in a timed game alternating with product questions.

Founded by communication professionals over a decade ago, the Communicator Awards is an annual competition honoring the best in advertising, corporate communications, public relations and identity work for print, video, interactive and audio. For more information about the Communicator Awards, visit