Blue Telescope, the interactive exhibit agency, has been honored with three 2013 Summit Creative Awards. Over the past 19 years, the Summit International Awards organization has established itself as one of the premier arbiters of creative excellence. Blue Telescope was honored from a base of over 5,000 submissions from 25 countries in this year’s competition.

In the “Self-Promotion Interactive Media” category, See What Unfolds, Blue Telescope’s own origami-themed multimedia installation, was honored with a Gold Award. See What Unfolds was designed to demonstrate the company’s interactive design capabilities at EXHIBITOR2012. Five large LCD screens worked in tandem with a Pixelsense multi-touch display, a custom iPhone app, and Kinect technology to create customizable, personalized interactive activities.

Recognized with a Gold Award within the category “Interactive Media: Education”, the Human Tree permanent interactive exhibit was developed for the Museum of Mathematics in New York City. Guests interact with a wall-sized projection that reflects their images back in repeating patterns, letting them wave their arms to create fractal trees and other geometric shapes.

In the “Interactive Media: Health/Medicine” category, Alcon’s Breaking Glasses received a Silver Award. Inspired by “Angry Birds”, the game entertained AAO 2012 attendees with a colorful action challenge between product promotional videos.