Blue Telescope’s interactive exhibit “Degrees of Xerox Innovation” was presented to visitors at this year’s U.S. Open in the Xerox Suite at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Blue Telescope, the interactive exhibit agency, originally created the interactive installation to engage visitors at Xerox’s Executive Briefing Center in New York City where it remains as a permanent fixture.  “Degrees of Xerox Innovation” uses interactivity, gaming elements, rich graphics, animation and audio to facilitate visitors in making connections between Xerox’s better-known and lesser-known innovations, and incorporates memorable pop-culture references.

Visitors find hidden connections between colorful icons which bounce around the touch screen and are put in the role of innovator, learning about Xerox history through a juxtaposition of ideas and contexts.

During the 15 days of the 2013 U.S. Open, guests to the Xerox Suite in Flushing Meadows had the opportunity to take a break from the action at center court and experience this memorable introduction to the company’s history and innovation.