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Blue Telescope developed a series of interactive exhibits for Liberty Science Center's travelling exhibit Beyond Rubik's Cube designed to engage visitors with the culture, mechanics, and mathematics behind the world-famous puzzle.

Tessellation Maker is an interactive tabletop exhibit that lets visitors freely explore the geometry of patterns and tessellations. Using a double-length multi-touch tabletop, visitors are given a palette of basic shapes, which they can snap together to create more complex objects. If a shape can tessellate, it immediately repeats across the table’s surface in colorful animations. If visitors discover certain hidden shapes, ‘Easter Egg’ animations spread across the table, showing tessellations found in everyday life, such as honeycombs, chessboards, and ceramic tiles.

Twisty Puzzle Design is a virtual workshop where visitors can create, scramble, and solve their own virtual 3-D puzzles. Visitors build puzzles step by step, choosing a 3-D object, virtually slicing it, and applying their choice of colors. The custom puzzles, as well as classic variations, can be scrambled, solved, and saved for other users to explore.

15 Digital Information Stations provide multi-lingual interpretation throughout the exhibit, presenting historical context, artifact labels, and animated how-to illustrations. The tablet-based stations use a customized CMS, allowing exhibit developers to readily manage and edit text and visual content. Additional tablets give visitors step-by-step instructions for solving the cube, and provide directions for creating a 1200-cube mosaic artwork.

Blue Telescope worked closely with Liberty Science Center to conceptualize and prototype each experience, making sure that the complex math content would be accessible to visitors through user-friendly hands-on interactions.

Client Liberty Science Center
Location Traveling
Capabilities UX design, Interface Design, 3D Modeling, CMS Development, Mobile Applications, Multi-touch
Partners Liberty Science Center (exhibit design & development)
Maltbie (fabrication)
Electrosonic (AV integration)
  • AAM Muse Award, Interactive Kiosks (Bronze)
  • Communicator Awards, Interactive Media/Education (2x Silver)
  • International Design Award, Graphic Design (Silver)
  • Summit Creative Award, Interactive Media/Education (Bronze)
  • Telly Awards, Education (2x Bronze)