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In the concourse of the new Barclays Center arena, visitors encounter Keeping Brooklyn Healthy, a permanent installation created to promote The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

The experience begins as visitors stand in front of a large projection screen and see their silhouettes reflected back at them. They are then prompted to select from one of three interactive challenges using touch-free gesture technology.

Jump for Joy invites visitors to take part in a brownstone jump rope competition, scoring points for each successfully-timed leap. Shoot Some Hoops is a basketball challenge, where visitors play free throw in a virtual arena against the clock as well as each other.

In Take Flight, players flap their arms to soar above a detailed 3D model of the borough, flying by the Brooklyn Bridge and other local landmarks, and passing Brooklyn Hospital's main campus along the way.

High scores for all three activities are added to a lifetime leader board, which encourages friendly competition and repeat use. Promoting healthy behaviors through physical activity, the Brooklyn-themed activities are designed to build awareness of both the hospital's location and its community health initiatives.

Client The Brooklyn Hospital Center
Location Brooklyn, NY
Capabilities Experience Design, Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling, Game Development, Gesture Recognition
Partners Maltbie (fabrication)
  McCann Systems (AV integration)
  • Telly Award, Health & Wellness (Bronze)
  • Communicator Award, Health & Wellness (Gold)