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Blue Telescope created 12 multimedia experiences for the opening of the Caguas Science Center (C3TEC), the first science center in the Caribbean.

Sustainable Decisions, a multi-user tabletop at the gallery entrance, introduces the exhibition’s key themes, asking visitors about their personal sustainability habits, and builds colorful data visualizations from the responses.

A series of animation-based exhibits help illustrate complex systems of the planet, the environment, and the human body. Our Restless Planet presents interactive animations of phenomena such as continental drift, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Other animations focus on the island’s groundwater systems, alternate energy production methods, and next-generation medical devices.

Custom physical interfaces add a tactile element to a number of exhibits. In Sustainable Building, visitors construct a model house using blocks and see a sustainability assessment on a digital display. Elsewhere in the gallery, visitors can use a physical gas pump to fill the tank of a virtual car, interact with a giant DNA strand, and activate a house full of appliances to see how they affect energy consumption.

Developed with Liberty Science Center, the exhibition explores issues of sustainability at the personal, community, and global levels, with content closely targeted to the concerns of its Puerto Rican audience.

Client Caguas Science Center
Location Caguas, Puerto Rico
Capabilities UX design, Interface Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling, Custom Physical Interfaces, Multi-touch, Game Development
Partners Liberty Science Center (Exhibition design & development)
Superior Exhibits (fabrication)
R.H. Guest (fabrication)