Blue Telescope developed a series of Injection Simulators for Ipsen, which use custom software and hardware interfaces to educate doctors in treatment techniques for cervical dystonia, a condition that affects the muscles of the neck.

The simulator presents a life-sized mannequin with a soft surface into which users can practice injection; a custom syringe incorporates technology that tracks its position and orientation in real-time with millimeter-accuracy.

Doctors begin by using a touchscreen to select muscle targets for injection. The screen displays a 3D view of the mannequin's inner musculature and replicates the position of the syringe. As doctors manipulate the needle, the onscreen view reveals how close they are to each muscle. Using the display, they can track the amount of medication virtually injected into each location, and can receive visual cues when they've reached the correct muscle target or hit a danger zone.

Blue Telescope has recently developed a second simulator which uses a human arm model to help doctors practice injection treatments for spasticity. Multiple copies of each simulator are in active use across North America, traveling to both hospitals and medical congresses.

The experience was designed to help alleviate physicians' concerns about the challenges of delicate injection techniques, and its use has been linked to increased ordering of Ipsen products.

Client Ipsen
Location North America
Capabilities Experience Design, Interface design, 3D Modeling, Custom Physical Interfaces
Partners Moey Inc. (physical design and fabrication)
  • International Design Award, Graphic Design (Bronze)
  • Communicator Award, Interactive Media (Silver)
  • Summit Creative Awards, Interactive Media/Healthcare (Gold, Silver)
  • Telly Award, Pharmaceuticals (Silver)