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The Merck Fertility Challenge is an interactive experience, first presented at the 2012 ESHRE annual meeting, designed to educate physicians about Merck's women's health product line.

Attendees begin by logging in at one of four iPad stations and taking their own picture using the tablet's built-in camera. Next, a host leads the players through a game-show style quiz themed to the city of Istanbul. Attendees take a virtual tour across a stylized map, and each landmark they encounter prompts a quiz question to appear.

The host reads the questions and answer choices, and once all players have made a selection, the correct answer is revealed. A large gameboard display shows each player's progress and invites casual onlookers to engage with the content without actively participating in the challenge.

The challenge was later adapted with new content and designs for a San Diego-based medical event. The colorful theme, multi-player interaction, and game-show presentation make the challenge a unique, traffic-building educational activity.

Client Merck
Location Istanbul, Turkey
  San Diego, CA
Capabilities Experience Design, Illustration, Animation, Game Development, Mobile Applications
  • Communicator Award, Interactive Media (Silver)