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Blue Telescope designed 10 unique experiences for the opening of the National Museum of Mathematics, the first U.S. museum dedicated to math education.

Human Tree transforms visitors into living works of fractal art. As visitors approach a large projection surface, they see their images reflected back to them, with their arms replaced by images of their body. Soon, additional copies of their body appear in the image, as they become the trunk, branches, and sub-branches of a tree-like fractal. Visitors can choose from four seasonal themes, and can combine their tree with other visitors’ to form even more complex shapes.

Dynamic Wall is a kinetic, undulating sculpture made of 128 thin panels stretching 12 feet high. Each panel is motorized at its top and base, enabling it to tilt back and forth at any variety of angles. The wall visualizes mathematical formulae and data in mechanical animations, using an open-source API to allow programmers and mathematicians to add their own patterns and algorithms for a truly dynamic experience.

PolyPaint invites visitors to decorate a digital canvas with a physical paintbrush; each brushstroke is repeated instantaneously in a wallpaper repeat pattern. Tile Factory lets visitors design their own tessellations, which can be sent to a laser cutter for a personalized souvenir.

Game-based activities include a multi-touch table that uses physical tiles to present packing problems and a series of tablets that provide interpretation and clues for analog puzzles and games.

The exhibits combine a large number of technologies, from camera tracking and multi-touch to custom physical interfaces. Blue Telescope worked closely with the MoMath executive team to develop user-friendly interfaces, engaging visual designs, and open-ended experiences that empower visitors to explore abstract math concepts.

Client National Museum of Mathematics
Location New York, NY
Capabilities UX design, Interface Design, Motion Graphics, Custom Physical Interfaces, Gesture Recognition, Game Development, Mobile Applications, Multi-touch
Partners Maltbie (fabrication)
  Superior Exhibits (fabrication)
  Lexington (fabrication)
  USA Inc. (fabrication)
  3-Byte (IT)
  • How Interactive Design Awards, Outstanding Achievement
  • Communicator Award, Interactive Media/Education (Silver)
  • Summit Creative Award, Interactive Media/Education (Gold)