The Xerox Automated Intelligence Demo is an interactive, fast-paced challenge created for the company’s PARC research center in Palo Alto to demonstrate the benefits of the company’s robotic process automation systems.

Visitors start off creating a sample office workflow by identifying time-consuming tasks typical to their workday experience. They are then presented with an overhead view of a stylized business facility populated by animated workers in offices, meeting rooms, and cubicles. Players have three minutes to assign recurring workflow tasks to the colorful avatars through simple drag-and-drop gestures. As the workload increases in both speed and volume, the player is also confronted with fast decisions involving the pros and cons of taking on additional personnel and training staff.

As time runs out, the animation shifts to illustrate how Xerox’s automation systems can streamline the workflow, removing the stress and inefficiency of manual management, as the game tasks are completed quickly and automatically. Demonstration videos and customizable presentation slides further explain the features and benefits of the system.

Blue Telescope was brought in by The Brand Experience to develop the installation, which uses gamification to communicate managerial challenges in a fun and engaging way, while demonstrating hands-on the practical benefits of Xerox Automated Intelligence.

Client The Brand Experience for Xerox
Location Palo Alto, CA
Capabilities UX design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Game Development
Partners The Brand Experience (exhibit design & development)
  • Summit Creative Award, Interactive Media (Gold)